How to download

 Guide 1 - 📗 How to get Linkvertise links from Mobiles/Tablets 

Guide 02⚡️ Bypass App install Step (Mobiles/Tablets) ⚡️

If the linkvertise asks you to install an app, Please follow these steps and watch the video guide

1. Click on "Download App" 

2. Then, you will be redirected to the play store. Do not install the app. (Do nothing)

3. Now, Switch to the linkvertise tab and stay there above 1 min. (Do nothing)

4. After the waiting time of 1 Min. The step will be automatically completed then Click on "Continue" and get the mega link. ✔️

Guide 3 - How to get Linkvertise links from Desktops/Laptops

Ⓜ️ How to access mega Ⓜ️

Steps by steps with video guides 👇

1) Open the Linkvertise link

2) Clear the captcha

3) Click on "Discover articles" and click on "X" to close. Then wait.. It will be closed in 10 seconds

4) Click "Activate notification" and accept it as "Yes" (if that shows).

🟢 Video tutorial for steps above (step 01 / 02 / 03 / 04)

5) If they ask you to install an app from the app store, (don't worry! You do not need to install, there's easy bypass tricks)
Click on "Download an app", go to play/app store but don't download or install it.
Switch to the Linkvertise tab and just wait for 60 sec then that step will be automatically completed. 

🟢 We made a video tutorial for the step above (step 02), So you can easily understand if you're still not clear with this step

🔺 If you are going to get mega access from Linkvertise with a desktop or laptop, this video tutorial will help you with this step

6) Click on "Continue"

✅ Finally, You will be redirected to the mega link contents.
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